It’s All About Convenience

The team at Advanced Eye Care in Dundee, MI has been using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR in the practice for over eight years. One of the first locations in the country to add the in-office AR, they have capitalized on all the benefits of producing lenses in house.


According to the staff, “It is so convenient and efficient to be able to make our lenses in house. It has been wonderful to see all the updates over the years, especially to the nanoCLEAR AR.”

When asked what they like best about the technology, they responded, “Having the Q-2100 system in the office makes turn-around faster.” “We quote our patients about 7-10 business days for glasses to come in from the lab, but with the in-office technology we are able to get them in the same day and it really impress our patients. It also brings cost down for us which is never a bad thing,” they concluded.