Let’s Sell More NanoCLEAR AR!

Now that you have added the nanoCLEAR AR unit to your practice, AR sales should steadily increase. Traditional barriers to selling AR such as delivery time and reliability are eliminated with your in office system. According to a member of our user family in Columbus, MS, his AR sales have increased almost 80% with the addition of the nanoCLEAR AR unit.

Start by educating your staff on the benefits of AR coating. Everyone should understand and believe in the new nanoCLEAR AR product.

  • By minimizing surface reflections, AR coating improves vision when dealing with overhead lighting, computer screens and window glare

  • AR lenses are more cosmetically appealing for improved patient appearance

  • Vision during night driving is improved reducing the glare of oncoming headlights

  • AR lenses provide improved visual comfort and reduces eye strain and fatigue

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Make sure that all staff member are wearing the nanoCLEAR AR product. This way they can share their own experiences and use their lenses for demonstration when interacting with the patients.

Have literature that shares the AR message. From your on hold message to your POP material, make sure to mention the benefits nanoCLEAR AR provides.

Start the education process during the eye exam. As an Optometrist, your recommendation matters. If you share the importance of the product when in the exam room, the patient will be more likely to add when in the dispensary.

Utilize the above tips and watch your AR sales soar.