Patient Satisfaction Every Time With The Q-2100

Allison Jones, from The EyeDcotors in Manhattan, KS has been operating the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR for a little over a year.


Allison shares, “The lens fabrication system is a wonderful addition to our practice. It makes it possible to make a high quality lens without having to involve another lab. I like the new non-glare product as well; we have had numerous patients comment that this is the best coating they have ever had. The system is perfect for making a satisfied patient every time and a lens that lasts as long, if not longer, than the lenses from our partnering labs.”

When asked how this technology has impacted the practice Allison said, “It has transformed our practice because of the capabilities of not having to rely on others to make our lenses. We are able to create a high quality lens in our practice, on the same day for our patients. Because we are located close to a military base, we frequently have to do jobs for patients quickly. Unfortunately, on several occasions our labs have not been able to accommodate this so we turn to the Q-2100 to make our patients happy. The ability to keep our patients happy is key with our practice and without a doubt the Q-2100 has certainly helped to accomplish this.”