Study Reccomends Independent Optometrists Adapt to Change

Vision Monday May, Bain & Company


In a study published in Vision Monday, Bain & Company reports on the competitive pressures impacting the independent optometrist and recommendations on how they should adapt.

Current threats to independent optometry include:

  • Growth of large national chains and mass player

  • Increased consumer comfort with buying products online

  • Desire for greater price transparency on products

  • Shift from the personalized shopping experience toward more efficient retail environments

How to adapt:

  • Capitalize on the consumers desire for a comprehensive eye exam by utilizing online scheduling of exams

  • Carry a stronger materials offering with a more transparent pricing model

  • Improve delivery time so patients can buy or pick up easily in the store their new eyeglasses

  • Continue to provide the same personalized service that has won their loyalty in the past (end article)

With the ownership of a Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR unit, you have the ability to capitalize on three of the study’s recommendations. (1) You can provide a transparent pricing model to your patients as you know exactly how much each pair you produce will costs each and every time you make them. (2) You can provide unparalleled service with same delivery of their eyeglasses (3) You can provide custom processed lenses for the ultimate personalized service.