Vision Dynamics Lab, The Glass Lens Specialists!

We Love Glass! Let us be your outsource lab of choice!

Vision Dynamics Lab has developed a unique expertise in glass lens surfacing. Although no longer the common product dispensed, glass lenses still play an important role in vision correction and VDL is here to fill all your glass lens orders.


If you are an optical lab, sending your glass jobs to us, allows you to focus your resources on more profitable, higher volume product lines. We treat Lab-to-Lab business as a partnership with electronic lab link via Optifacts and Vision Web for:

  • Fast Job Transfers

  • Error Reduction

  • Cost Reduction

  • Late Job Reduction

  • Job Tracking

Authorized Distributor:

ShamirVarliux®Vision Ease

Contact Eric Lindquist to discuss our lab-to-lab glass program today.

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