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Vision Dynamics, LLC was founded in 2007 and operates Optical Dynamics, Vision Dynamics Technology and Vision Dynamics Laboratory.

Optical Dynamics​, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, is an innovative research and manufacturing company focused on optical related products that create business solutions for optical professionals. Our Q­2100R™ Lens System with nanoCLEAR™ AR delivers premium lens products that offer significant service, performance, and cost advantages. Our high volume composite bonding equipment allows lens manufactures and optical labs to apply photochromic, fixed tint, and other light altering coatings to multiple substrates. Since inception in 1984, our active R&D team has filed and had issued, in excess of 150 patents worldwide in the lens fabrication, nano AR and lens material categories, making us the leader in in­-office and in-­lab lens fabrication technology. Made in the USA, our lens equipment is sold worldwide.

Vision Dynamics Technology,​a division of Vision Dynamics, LLC, has a thirty year history of developing leading edge optical products, custom photochromics, durability enhancing coatings, and highly engineered nano/polymer films. Our team is exceptionally cross functional and includes strong relationships with local university partners and suppliers across the globe. Vision Dynamics Technology provides development services to companies seeking a skilled innovation partner.

Vision Dynamics Laboratory​, a division of Vision Dynamics, LLC, specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and performance fixed tint products. An authorized distributor for all major glass lens brands, Vision Dynamics provides a full service option for all your glass needs. Custom photochromics, pre-tinted product, sport lenses and other specialized lens products are also available. 

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