nanoCLEAR AR System

In-business anti-reflective coating is now an affordable reality with the nanoCLEAR AR System. Working in conjunction with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, this revolutionary technology automates the AR, mirror, and scratch coat application process freeing up the operator for other tasks. The AR and mirror coatings use nanoparticles and in-mold fabrication to bond the layers to each other and the lens material for a very durable surface. Anti reflective lenses include a hydrophobic top coat for easy cleanability.


The operator places the four free form molds in the chamber of the nanoCLEAR AR System; front and back molds for the right and left eye. The user interface screen displays the available coating options. Simply select the desired coating option and click start, in approximately 15-minutes for scratch coat, or 50-minutes for anti-reflective or mirrors, the molds are ready for cavity assembly, filling and curing via the Q-2100 Digital Lens System. The nanoCLEAR AR System is Ethernet enabled for seamless updates and remote system diagnostics.

Wash Module

When molds are placed inside the self contained clean room of the nanoCLEAR AR chamber, the wash module provides 1,000 PSI of mold washing power prior to coating application for maximum surface preparation. No plumbing required. When the coating application is finished, a mold cavity is formed, filled with the desired lens material and processed through the Q-­2100 Digital Lens System .

nanoCLEAR AR Dispensing Unit

nanoCLEAR AR, mirror and scratch coatings are dispensed via syringes affixed to the nanoCLEAR AR Dispending Unit. Syringes, and syringe stations are color coded for easy replacement.

Advanced Coatings

Anti Reflective

A completely new approach, nanoparticles and in­-mold fabrication form a bond between all layers of the AR stack, hardcoat, and lens material resulting in a very durable surface. Designed for use with the Q­-2100 Digital lens System the nanoCLEAR AR process creates lenses that are antireflective with a hydrophobic and oleophobic top coat. nanoCLEAR AR chemistry is safe to use, easy to ship and easy to store.


nanoCHROME™ is a reflective front­side surface treatment that gives a mirror­ like appearance to the lenses. Available in five eye catching, reflective colors, it can be combined with your tint colors or photochromics to provide multiple fashion options.

Desert Orange, Electric Yellow, Forest Green, Ocean Blue and Midnight Violet.

Hard Coat

nanoXT™ is a UV curable, nanoparticle double sided hard coat that is easily tintable.

nanoGUARD™ is a super scratch resistant, dual layer treatment that performs like a factory dip hard coat.

Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR