Q-­2100 Digital Lens System

The Q-2100 Digital Lens System has revolutionized the way eye care professionals around the world fill their prescription eyewear needs. An in-business method of making lenses with tighter tolerances and enhanced visual clarity, the tabletop system is clean, quiet, and environmentally conscious. We train existing staff to operate the equipment. The user friendly process is plug-and-play, and easily integrates into almost any optical business. By collapsing the channel of distribution you improve service, control quality, and boost patient satisfaction while improving overall practice profitability. Optical Dynamics offers the only technology that can cut your lab related lens and AR expense by over 60% immediately. Progressive, FT-28, or aspheric single vision, in clear or photochromic, with scratch, anti-reflective or mirror coating, the technology does it all. Proudly made in the USA.


The Q2100 Digital Lens System is microprocessor controlled with computerized mold/gasket selection and automatic Rx transposition. Using digital free form generated molds, lenses are processed direct from liquid plastic to the finished Rx for precise optics and repeatable results. The bottle of liquid lens material becomes the lens you need, when you need it, eliminating a costly inventory of disposable molds or semifinished blanks. The operator simply dials in the patient’s prescription and the system tells the operator which molds and gaskets to select for the requested Rx.

Mold Drawers

The Q2100 mold library is contained in a two drawer storage system for quick and easy access. The operator easily selects the numbered molds listed on the selection screen for the requested Rx. Molds are available in three progressive, FT-28, and aspheric single vision designs.

Flash Fill Stand

After cleaning and coating, a mold cavity is form and filled with the desired lens material. The Q-2100 Flash Fill System is a state-of-the-art dispensing unit, heating just enough material to produce each pair of lenses. Lens material is available in clear, photo grey, photo brown and extra active.


Mold cavities are initialized in the Main Chamber then cured and annealed in the Post Cure. Once the process is complete, you have a pair of finished lenses ready to be edged and inserted into frames. In approximately 30-minutes for scratch coat or 90-minutes for anti-reflective or mirrors with the addition of the nanoCLEAR AR system, your practice can offer just-in-time delivery of eyewear. 

Power Range:

  • Sphere +4.00D to 6.00D (.25D Steps)

  • Cylinder 0.25D to 2.50D (.25D Steps)

  • Add +1.00D to +3.00D (.25D Steps)

Superior Materials:

Optical Dynamics' proprietary lens products represent a new generation of plastic lens material that is thinner, lighter and more cosmetically attractive than standard plastic. Our premium index material transmits more light for clearer sharper vision and is suitable for all frame types.

Clear Material: 

• Thin - Premium Index

• Light Weight 1.20 g/cm3

• High ABBE Value = 40

• UVA & UVB Protection

• Exceeds FDA Standards

• Drillable

•Excellent Tint Absorption

Photochromic Material:

Twenty years of photochromic development in our lens line ensures outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. Clear indoors and dark outdoors, our photochromics have impressive activation and deactivation speed and exceptional high temperature performance. Available in photochromic grey, brown and extra active, our in-mass technology gives our premium index products consistent photochromic performance for the life of the Rx.

Specialty Material: 

An indoor lens with advanced spectral filtration, blueVIEW defense protects against the visual discomfort from exposure to HEV and blue spectrum light waves. Infused with an array of organic pigments, blueVIEW defense helps block and absorb a varying level of violet and blue light across a 400-500nm spectrum. Filtering all types of HEV and blue light encountered in everyday indoor activities, blueVIEW defense enhances visual acuity and reduces eye strain while retaining natural color perception.


Designed for outdoor use, amplifEYE* lenses selectively block color waves for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world. It's like HDR for your eyes! Ideal for almost any outdoor activity, haze and glare are virtually eliminated and color contrast is enhanced for surroundings bursting with color. amplifEYE lenses boost color perception for vivid shades of blue, green, and red.


*Because of their unique color enhancing properties, amplifEYE lenses do not comply with all requirements for general use sunglasses/fashion eyewear, as defined by ANSI Z80.3. Perceived colors may shift when using these lenses and narrow bandwidth colors may be interfered with.

Preeminent Designs:

We engaged the world’s preeminent designers to create our family of outstanding progressives.

CFL-18 Aspheric Progressive

Rated one of the top designs in three-zone viewing, the Continual Focus Lens (CFL), is an ideal progressive for everyday wearers

Paradigm-16 Short Corridor

For easier adaptation and comfort in smaller frames, the Paradigm Short Corridor broadens the range of fitting options

Progressive Paradigm-20 Standard Progressive

Ideal for large frames, the Paradigm has a super soft design for easy adaptation

FT-28 Bifocal

The traditional FT-28 is a spherical design for wide acceptantce

Aspheric Single Vision

Single vision lenses are aspheric with a thin profile and edge-to-edge optics for a usable viewing area across the entire lens surface

Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR