Composite Bonding

Designed for lens manufactures and high volume optical labs, our patent protected composite bonding technology applies photochromic, fixed tint, and other light altering coatings to multiple substrates.


Twenty years of photochromic development ensures outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. Apply advanced performance photochromic coatings on the materials you need and the prices you want.

  • Premium photochromics at lower prices improve profitability

  • Enhanced color performance, high temperature stability, and enduring color consistency

  • Ideal for free­ form progressives

Fixed Tints

Our unique process applies a uniform density layer on the front surface of the lens blank and includes a hard coat. Surfacing does not affect the color layer so the finished lens has consistent edge to edge color performance.

  • Solid tint lens blanks for sport, computer, and driving prescriptions

  • Saves time, simplifies workflow, and improves service

  • Uniform color density across the complete Rx range

  • Custom color matching available

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