M-5000 Coater

The M-5000 is a custom configured mold or semi-finished lens coater for hard coat or primer coat application. Our compact, countertop system easily installs in nearly any optical setting. Clean, quite and automated with simple user interface, it is Ethernet enabled for seamless updates and remote diagnostics.

Mold Coater

Paired with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, the M-5000 is configured for high volume in-mold hard coat application. Maximize throughput of the nanoCLEAR AR unit with the addition of this dedicated scratch coater. 14 pair per hour.

Lens Coater

Used in conjunction with our composite bonding technology for photochromic, fixed tint, and other light altering products, the M-5000 is configured for semi-finished lens primer coat application. 20 to 28 pair per hour based on primer coat recipe.

Wash Module

Self contained unit includes HEPA filtered air flow and pressure wash for optimal surface preparation. The wash Module provides 1,000 PSI of washing power prior to coating application.

Coating Dispensing Unit

Hard coat or primer coat is dispensed from a customized pressure pot for high volume production.