Vision Dynamics Technology

Vision Dynamics Technology has a 30 ­year history of developing innovative optical products, durability enhancing coatings, and highly engineered nano/polymer films. As a result of our successes in these fields, we are pursuing new business and product development opportunities for nano­based coatings and optical materials.

Our skilled development group and strong university partnerships focus on commercialization of nanotech based products with unique optical properties. Our core competencies are in novel, radiation curable optical materials, coatings, processes, and curing hardware. Since inception in 1984, our Research and Development team has filed and had issued in excess of 150 patents worldwide.

The revolutionary nanoCLEAR system (launched by Optical Dynamics) employs a host of unique technologies and received the national NANO50 award from NASA Tech Briefs. The nanocomposite, anti­reflective coatings produced by the system are very cost effective due to the use of spin coating techniques and UV­curable monomers doped with nanoparticles. These methods allow us to engineer the refractive index and strength of the films while maintaining the flexibility inherent to most polymers. Since this system processes films at atmospheric temperatures and pressures, the required hardware is greatly simplified.