7 Steps To Create A Distinctive Practice

Optometric Management May 2014

In a recent article written by April Jasper, OD, she details 7-steps to help O.D.s stay in the game.


  1. Evaluate what you have – Take and inventory of what technology you have, what is new and going to be around, and what is going to be replaced.

  2. Determine what you want – Shoot for the stars and design the perfect piece of equipment for your practice’s needs.

  3. Document what you actually need – Have a check list of the “must have”, “would like to have” and “optional” categories.

  4. Investigate you options – Take time to shop around at the various industry meetings.

  5. Assess financial obligations and terms – Many times we forget that a technology-focused practice can and will be able to justify greater fees by creating value in the mind of the patient.

  6. Remember to plan for implementation – Any equipment purchase is risky if you have not plan for implementation…Also, make certain you have a plan for training your staff on the new technology, including operation and protocols.

  7. Develop a practice of distinction – I truly believe technology can be the key to developing a practice of distinction.