Best Image Optical Shares Nearly 14 Years Of Q-2100 Ownership

Best Image Optical located in Bridgetown Barbados has utilized the Q-2100 Digital Lens System since 1999. Paul Hinds, Lab Manager, has been operating the equipment for nearly fifteen years. As one of our long time customers, Paul has years of experience to share.


“What I like about the Q-2100 is that it’s fast and efficient compared to grinding lenses,” says Hinds. “I love when I use it to make rush job for customers who are waiting only an hours or less,” he added.

According to Hinds, “the technology has impacted the practice very positively through the progressive lens produced with the Q-2100. “Customers have a wider area of view so they have no problem seeing,” he added.

Adding the ultraSUN photochromic product to their practice, Hinds concludes with, “the photochromic product is great and works very well in the hot and sunny climate of the Caribbean.”