Comments From Natchitoches Family Eye Care

Pete Wardell, O.D., Natchitoches Family Eye Care, is saving $2,000 to $3,000 a month with his Optical Dynamics digital lens system. Dr. Wardell and his partner, Randall Keator, II, O.D., with offices in Louisiana have a broad scope optometry practice. The two handle everything from contact lenses to disease treatment.


“This is significant, and we are very pleased with the system. The outside labs were getting so high, and with this system, even a high school student could be taught to run it,” Dr. Wardell indicated in a recent conversation. He cited the quality of the nanoCLEAR AR as comparable to what you’d get from a top-notch lab. nanoCLEAR AR lenses in a little over an hour works for small and large practices giving complete customer service.

The Optical Dynamics digital lens system creates a finished Rx directly from high index liquid plastic monomer, eliminating the need to cast a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. The digital cast-to-Rx process is computerized and straightforward for the practitioner’s existing staff to master.

”We basically started looking at the Optical Dynamics system because of our mounting lab bills. The Q-2100 system has strength in the -6 to +4 range, where most of our customer prescriptions need to go.”

“Our patients like the fact that we produce the lens in house. Many have never heard of this type if technology and we are perceived as cutting edge, based on using the Optical Dynamics system,” he dded.

What does he see in the future? More demand from clients at the in-house level. And, he says there is a commitment amongst patients to buy American. Optical Dynamics products fit the bill. People shop and the prices can’t be beat, he said.

Nothing like telling the story and making the case….