Digital Lens Technology, A Greener Alternative To Traditional Lens Surfacing

Optical Dynamics presents their Q-2100 Digital Lens System as a green alternative to traditional lens surfacing. With the Q-2100 Digital Lens System lenses are produced direct from the bottle of liquid lens material to the finished Rx. No longer must one inventory thousands of lens blanks to be processed to the finished prescription. A single bottle of lens material is all the operator needs to make any Rx within a broad range. Whether you need a plus lens, a minus lens, a progressive or a flattop you produce only what you need and only in the quantity you need it.


More importantly, the digital casting process eliminates the large amount of hazardous waste typically associated with traditional lens surfacing. Lenses are not made into thick semi-finished “hockey pucks” that need to be ground and polish to the finished Rx. This eliminates all the polishing slurry and lens material waste that needs to be filtered cleaned and properly disposed as part of the existing lens manufacturing process. When optical practices process lenses in house, the traditional transportation by-products in the channel of distribution are also reduced.

“Optical Dynamics digital lens fabrication system is a green alternative to traditional lens manufacturing,” states Michael Yager, VP of Sales. “Our system is environmentally friendly, has a very low carbon footprint, low power consumption and can be safely operated in an eyecare professional’s environment. At Optical Dynamics we continue to search for the greenest alternatives for all our new product designs,” added Yager.

The Q-2100 Digital Lens System occupies little space, is clean, quite and self diagnostic. With the additional benefit of producing free form quality lenses the system is an ideal choice for the progressive optical practice.