Digital Lens Technology Improves Service Level For Island Location

Shirley Holmes, Practice Manager for Belleville Optical located on the island of Barbados, has long been a believer in the benefits of in office lens production. In business since 1994, Ms. Holmes added the Q-2100 Digital Lens System to her practice in 1999. With limited lens procurement options available on the island, Ms. Holmes wanted an in office system that was user friendly and easy to integrate. “I added the Q-2100 technology to improve turn around time for delivering spectacles to our patients” shared Holmes. “It has drastically improved our delivery time thereby improving our cash flow,” Holmes added.


Belleville’s practice primarily caters to the forty and over demographic. For this reason, the quality of the progressive design and finished lens was very important to her decision making process. “Patients are very happy with the lightness and clarity of the lenses,” said Holmes. Located in a sunny warm climate, photochromics were also of key importance. Shirley recently added the new ultraSUN sunglass photochromic to her product line up. According to Holmes, her patients love the new extra active photochromic and it has been a profitable additional to her lens offering.