Inventory Managment Is Easy With The Q-2100 Digital Lens System

When evaluating technology for in-office lens production, remember to factor in the necessary inventory for manufacturing. Stocking hundreds of lens blanks or preformed disposable molds is expensive and difficult to accurately maintain. It can affect your bottom line and patient satisfaction. It is costly to inventory items you might not use for months and it is distressing to promise a customer pair of eyeglasses the same day only to discover you are missing the needed blank or disposable mold to complete the Rx.


With the Optical Dynamics Digital Lens System you create a finished Rx directly from the premium index material, eliminating the need to stock a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. This lowers the expense and ends the delivery challenges associated with ordering, shipping and managing an inventory of thick semi-finished lens blanks or disposable molds. This process also reduces the variables of surfacing and ensures that consistent high quality digital lenses can be produced at a much lower cost.

When using the Q-2100 Lens System, all you inventory is the bottle of premium lens material. This bottle in either clear or photochromic becomes a progressive lens, a single vision lens, a flattop lens, a plus lens or a minus lens. With bottles packaged in 16 to 32 pair for production, you have on hand what you need when you need it. As written in an article by Joseph Bruneni for Eye Care Business, “this is an inventory control concept called just-in-time delivery and works when limited inventory is stored at hand until shortly before it is needed for the production line…lens casting its a prime example of how such a process can work.”