Monitor Your Lab Bills & Maximize Usage

The Q-2100 Digital Lens System allows you to produce free-form quality lenses in house at a fraction of the cost when purchased from a traditional lab. Once integrated into your practice, you will see an impressive reduction in outside lab costs. As an practice owner, manager or lab manager, it is important that you take an active role in monitoring production and outside expenditures to ensure that you are utilizing the technology to its fullest potential.


  • Check your lab bill to see what was produced in office and what was purchased from an outside lab. Are you capturing all progressive, photochromic and AR jobs possible? You should maximize production of jobs that fall in the range of the technology. Remember, you are producing digital designed lenses, some of the best in the industry. Promote the premium products you produce in house first.

  • Check your lab bills and compare the cost to producing in house. While you are undoubtedly focusing on the most profitable products, verify what you are paying for custom processed single vision and FT lenses. You may find that it is more cost effective to produce these lenses in house as well.

  • Continue to check your outside lab bills for total dollars spent. As with all new technology, there is a certain level of excitement that is present when first purchased. Usage starts out high as the lens unit is new and fun. Over time, production levels may fall as it becomes part of every day operations. Make sure the enthusiasm for the technology remains strong through incentive plans and monthly goals that reinforce your commitment to in house lens production and practice profitability

  • Are you utilizing Vision Dynamics Lab for out of range and expanded product offerings? Vision Dynamics Lab carries a complete array of Optical Dynamics lens products, including clearLIGHT PLUS, sunSMART grey & brown and ultraSUN. As a Q-2100 owner you receive discounted pricing on all Vision Dynamics Lab products and services. Check against current lab pricing to profit even more.

  • The key to ongoing success is system utilization. The more you make…the more you’ll make. Everyone must understand why you chose to integrate digital lens technology into your practice and how to sell clearLIGHT and sunSMART. Your staff is key to maximizing your potential. Educate, reward, monitor and reinforce your team’s commitment to this new lens technology and you will be successful.