More Than 90+ Years Of Exprience At Vision Dynamics Lab

Combined Industry Experience of Key Management Totals More Than 90 Plus Years at Vision Dynamics Laboratory

There are many solid reasons for selecting the laboratory at Vision Dynamics headquarters in Louisville, KY as your best source for glass as well as their full line of proprietary lens material. When an organization has the strength and stability of a plant manager and general lab manager involved since its inception in 2002, you can trust that the level of excellence exceeds traditional standards.

Key management at the lab, includes Kathy Baldauf, Plant and General Manager; Bill Miller Jr., Lab Manager; and Tom James, Design and Development Production Manager.

Kathy Baldauf, Plant and General Manager, has seen the acceleration and interest in the company’s proprietary lens products, and the need for quick turnaround in glass for the industry. She designed, built, and has directed the laboratory division of Vision Dynamics since its inception in 2002. Kathy has more than thirty-five years of experience in the optical laboratory/lab software industries. She is ABO-NCLE certified. Her career at Vision Dynamics actually began more than a decade ago when she came on board and managed inventory, customer service, and production areas.

Bill Miller Jr., Lab Manager, oversees all production from surfacing to finishing of eyewear, and began his career at the company in 2003. In addition to training and supervising more than thirty employees, he also monitors in-house breakage, turn-around time, and cost of service. With more than twenty years of experience in the optical industry, Bill started his career at Dr. Bizer’s Vision World and prior to joining VDL was production manager at Twin City Optical. He attended Jefferson Community College and earned his ABO and NCLE certification. He is also a Kentucky state licensed optician.

Tom James, Design and Development, Production Manager, also came onboard in the same timeframe as Bill and Kathy. Side-by-side, with Kathy and Bill, he participated in this lab’s design and development since 2002. He has been instrumental in perfecting high-volume glass processes and reducing internal breakage. Tom has more than thirty five years of optical lab experience. He began management early in his career, back at Dispensers Optical, where he was promoted to supervisor in 1972. The next twenty-three years were spent at Louisville Optical, where he was a supervisor and assistant lab manager. From 1997 to 2002 Tom served as lab manager of Dr. Bizer’s Vision World dong fang qi mo.

This team can cite many benefits of trusting your glass work, in addition to rapid turnaround on proprietary lens orders.

Here are the guarantees that the lab makes to its customers:

  • Our Vision Dynamics Laboratory offers a high quality, quick turnaround source for glass with very competitive pricing

  • Our lab improves your inventory turns

  • Our lab eliminates your slow moving glass inventory

  • Our lab maintains a large glass blank stock on site so we can pull your job immediately

  • Our lab can improve your breakage stats and can manage glass breakage, We are focused on glass and our dedicated staff is constantly working to maintain high quality and low breakage

  • Our lab can eliminate under-utilized equipment and space, saving your operations money Aqua Run 56, maintenance for equipment, and the need for special operator skills