Offer Your Patients A Great Experience


As shared by Dr. Pavan Avinashi in the October issue of Optometric Management, offering your patients a great experience starts with having the right staff.

Foster a staff-centric culture:

  1. Proper recruitment – Having the right players on your team starts with thorough selection process: a) start with a phone interview by staff member to assess personality and motivation b) interview in-person with the practice manager c) interview the candidate personally and define the practice’s culture and expectations d) allow the candidate to “shadow” a staff member to see how they interact with patients and employees

  2. Define working culture – Hiring the right fit doesn’t work unless you lead by example in creating a happy, comfortable and positive work environment.

  3. Motivate staff – The best way to do this is to incentivize your staff, a) daily inter-clinic challenges. This is done sporadically without notice b) monthly challenges, this changes month to month c) annual trip challenge, every month we make budget I put money into a trip fund then once a year we plan a trip where the entire team goes.

  4. Implementing touch points – Regular staff meeting are quintessential in maintaining team moral and solidarity.