Optical Dynamics Welcomes Hardt Eye Clinic, Saipan


Optical Dynamics is pleased to welcome Dr. Don Hardt and Dr. David Hardt to our Q-2100 user family. Hardt Eye Clinic is located in Saipain, a US Territory in the Pacific with approximately 50,000 residents. At Hardt Eye Clinic, their team strives to provide the finest in eyecare services & complete diabetes education. Patients throughout the Saipan area come to Hardt Eye Clinic because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that is their foundation.

As a small island nation, laboratory services for their patients was limited. Lenses and coatings were ordered abroad with turn around times of up to 3 weeks. A strong believer in onsite lens production, Hardt Eye Clinic researched the available options deicing to add the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR to their practice. The quality of the progressive design, materials, and coating, along with the affordable ongoing price were key to their decision.


Ruel Balboa, Lab Manager, visited us in Louisville, KY last month for 3-days of lens production training. Optical Dynamics master trainer, Rafael Ortiz, joined us from Florida for the session. Ruel was a quick study producing lenses on his own the very first day. Ruel is excited to take is new found knowledge back to his team and offering his patients just-in-time delivery of eyeglasses.