Optical Dynamics Welcomes Vision Express, FL


Optical Dynamics welcomes Vision Express to the Q-2100 user family. As mentioned on their website, construction of the 2nd Vision Express office in Jacksonville, is now complete. “With a full on-site lab we can make almost any lenses and have them ready the same day! Progressives (no line), single vision, bifocals,sunglasses, anti-reflective all made the same day. The time of waiting a week for your glasses in now in the past. Vision Express truly provides you with the express service of glasses made the same day!” Clinton Ross and Jayson, Baron (pictured) manage the labs and process lenses.

Drs. David and Allison Falden, owners of the two Vision Express locations are certified Doctors of Optometry with training in the areas of ocular disease, contacts, and pediatrics. They treat most ocular emergencies, such as conjunctivitis, pink-eye, foreign body removals, and glaucoma. They can evaluate for common eye problems, such as near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia), eye-strain, lazy eye, crossed eyes and focusing problems.

At Vision Express they strive to provide you with excellent customer service and highest standard of eye care.