Optician Shares Perk Of Her Position, The Q-2100 Digital Lens System

In the last 16 years of her career, working for independent opticians, one of the top perks in her position is using the Optical Dynamics Q2100 Digital Lens System, said Optician Sheri Brashears. “I love everything about the turnkey system really. It’s quick and easy to use once you learn it,” she pointed out. There’s no grinding of the lenses, and it achieves superior clarity for the patient. Living and working in a small Oklahoma town, where the patient mix includes Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay, she finds that three or four pairs a day are the cheap inflatable cage


“sunSMART and ultraSUN photochromics are big, and we use the nanoCLEAR AR coating system on almost every pair. Most of the patients will keep their eyeglasses for a two year lifespan, and some have new lenses made every year.” Brashears says that the office has been dedicated to the Optical Dynamics approach because it has helped save money as a control for in office finances, and bring efficiencies to offering quick service, sometimes same day. A pair of glasses can be made in an afternoon if necessary, for example.

“I think it does just fine compared to other lab products. It produces as good a lens as others,” and she says, this is what counts when the patients are lining up. It’s back-to-school days, and the season for making eyewear has picked up. “We know we can depend on the lenses from our desktop system, and that makes my job so easy,” said Brashears.blow up jumpers for sale