Recare Visit Converts Long Time Surfacing Advocate To Casting


Rafael Ortiz, Trainer, recently met with Advanced Eyecare in Picayune, MS for a recare visit. A Q-2100 customer since 2000 and a nanoCLEAR AR user since 2006, The Advanced Eyecare team has been a long time supporter and advocate of in-office lens production. Fifteen years later, they are still utilizing the technology on a daily basis and continue to add new products to their system configuration as they are released. Staying current with the newest products is a key to their ongoing success. The practice most recently added a 2nd filling unit expanding their photochromic product offering to include sunSMART II brown and ultraSUN sunglass photochromic. The practice is committed to total eye health and is a full service office offering emergency and walk-in care as well as just-in-time delivery of eyeglasses.

Justin Saucier, Lab Technician, had spent most of his career working with traditional surfacing and lens casting was new to him. After training with Rafael, Justin went from processing an average of 5 per day to 16 pair per day. He was thrilled with his new found skills and the ease of operation provided by the technology when compared to the old way of processing lenses. So thrilled in fact he sent us an email to tell us so!