Serve Customers Better With The Q-2100 Digital Lens System

Steve B., optician and Q-2100 user in Arlington Heights, IL, recently shared two stories of how the technology keeps his customers coming back.


“A patient came back to our offices after taking his prescription to LensCrafters and asked how much progressive lenses with anti glare and photochromic would cost and how long it would take to get them. Well, not only was the patient shocked by our practice saving him over $200.00 on his pair of lenses due to our in-house manufacturing, he had his lenses in 2 hours instead of one to two weeks. I now have a patient for life.”

“I told a patient their sunSMART photo lenses with reflective free glare protection would be ready for them in a couple of hours. They said jokingly, OK, we will see you in a couple of weeks. When I called them that afternoon and said come on in and get your new glasses, they said they were never going back to their old time optical location, they just were beyond words. Another patient for life!”