Ten Top Business Trends


As shared in the January issue of Eyecare Business, the top ten trends for the optical market are listed below:

  1. GROWTH: Nearly half of eyecare professionals reported that first-half sales for 2013 were up compared with 2012 and more than 58% of respondents expect sales to be up in 2014.

  2. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: ECPs across the country point to healthcare reform as their biggest concern.

  3. PRIMARY CARE OPPORTUNITIES: Primary care opportunities remain a strong growth opportunity.

  4. BUYING INTO EFFICIENCY: Eyecare professionals are ramping up their in-house lab capabilities. Those with in-house labs handle and average of 36 jobs per week and generate an average of nearly $40,000 annually.

  5. SEEKING EDUCATION: 68% of respondents said they would like to know more about the technical aspects of the lenses they dispense.

  6. EYEGLASS BOOM: Eyeglasses are the ultimate opportunity in today’s marketing with a full 60% noting this area is the biggest growth category.

  7. A LEAP FOR LENSES: Today, lenses are an eyecare business’ best friend, with more premium lens options, more technology, and more customer appeal than ever.

  8. LEAVING THE WEB TO WARBY: According to EB’s market trend study, the majority of eyecare professionasl are staying the course, focusing on what they know, birck-and-mortar retail.

  9. SERVICE AS SALVATION: 67% of ECPs say that stressing customer service is, by far, the leading way they are working to overcome business challenges.

  10. THE SWEET SPOT FOR FRAMES: ECPs ar seeing patients buying more less expensive frames to suit their economy battered budget.