When Bad Reviews Happen To Good Businesses


Eyecare Business by Alicia Hoglund

As published in Eyecare Business, four out of five consumers say they have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based on a negative online review. With online reviews more prevalent than ever, keep in mind the following Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with a negative review.

  • DO always respond. If you make a mistake, accept it and let the customer know it won’t happen again

  • DON’T minimize or invalidate the review’s concerns giant water slides

  • DO listen intently to the customer

  • DON’T respond with an angry or defensive reply. Even if the complaint is biased or unjustified, people reading the review will assume this is how your company handles complaints.

  • DO be compassionate and caring

  • DON’T contact a negative reviewer without a plan to make things right by him or her

  • DON’T use generalities. Be specific when addressing a problem. Speak to the matter at had specifically where appropriate and avoid canned responses.

  • DO be willing to give a little. Sometimes customer just want to be heard. Your willingness to go the extra mile might just win them back as customers and even be worth a referral