Worrisome Words

Eyecare Business December, 2014

“Where can I have this filled?” These can be the six most worrisome words in optical dispensary management How many times have you heard patients who, upon being handed their eyeglass prescriptions as that question? Often, this question signifies a troubling truth; that a practice’s optical dispensary has fallen so far off of the patient’s radar that they ask a question whose answer is literally in front of the eyes.


Recommended Hand-Off Procedures:

Walk and talk. In some practices doctors may physically walk with the patients to the dispensary for a discussion with the optician concerning their patients needs.
Buzz me in. Other use a buzzer system that summons the optician to the exam room where the doctor introduces the two parties and explains the recommendations in front of both.
EHR option. With the advent of electronic health records many practices now send prescriptions directly to the dispensary to be picked picked up by the patient.
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