Optical Dynamics' proprietary lens products represent a new generation of plastic lens material that is thinner, lighter and more cosmetically attractive than standard plastic. Our premium index material transmits more light for clearer sharper vision and is suitable for all frame types.

  • Thin - High Index

  • Light Weight - 1.20 g/cm3

  • High ABBE Value = 40

  • UVA & UVB Protection

  • Exceeds FDA Standards

  • Drillable

  • Excellent Tint Absorption

Premium Photochromics
All Optical Dynamics premium photochromic lens products utilize in-mass technology to ensure a consistent photochromic effect for the life of the prescription.

Lighter, Faster Photochromic

  • Clear indoors, dark outdoors

  • Outstanding activation and deactivation speed

  • Adapts easily to the wearers environment

  • Photochromic transmittance = 89% unactivated

  • A unique value for your patients and your practice

The Ultimate in Outdoor Activation

  • Sunglass dark when activated

  • Exceptional high temperature performance

  • Maintains darkness longer in changing light conditions

  • Perfect for active outdoor lifestyles

  • Moderate activation behind windshield

Optical Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of its new nanoGUARD™ Super Scratch Resistant Coating.
Product Description
The nanoGUARD™ Hardcoat is a dual–layer coating consisting of one layer of nano-XT coat plus one layer of nanoGUARD™ coat applied to both the front and back surfaces of the lens. The nanoGUARD™ Super Scratch Resistant Coat uses Optical Dynamics’ nanotechnology-based in-mold coating method to form a nanocomposite layer on the surface of the finished lens.

First, a thin layer of nanoGUARD™ coating that contains a high concentration of extremely hard nanoparticles is applied to the casting surface of the mold and cured. Next, a thicker layer of nano-XT is applied to the first layer and cured. The coated mold is then used to cast the lens and when the mold is removed, this nanocomposite coating transfers to the finished lens.

Better Vision
clearLIGHT PLUS is a new generation of lens material for clearer sharper vision, a lens designed for all your patients.

  • Superior light transmittance =92%

  • Superior clarity index

  • Water white color


  • Ultra-smooth surface quality

  • Low chromatic aberration

  • More Precise Rx

Enhanced Comfort

  • Thin - High Index

  • Light Weight - 1.20 g/cm3

  • UVA & UVB protection

A Completely New Approach

  • nanoCLEAR AR™ lenses are born anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and anti-UV

  • Nanoparticles and in-mold fabrication leave smooth surfaces that are durable and easy to clean


  • 1 pair of AR a day is all it takes to profit from this system

Patient Satisfaction

  • Clearer lenses provide better vision for your patients

  • Patented process makes an AR lens that will provide durable, long-lasting performance

  • Fast same-day service is now possible for AR progressive wearers

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces for the life of the lens

nanoCLEAR AR™ chemistry
Optical Dynamics has utilized breakthrough nanoparticle technology in the development of its nanoCLEAR AR™ chemistry. To ensure:

  • safe to use

  • easy to ship

  • easy to store

Fashion Sunglass Lenses
A reflective front-side surface treatment that gives a mirror-like appearance to the lenses. Available in six eye catching, reflective colors, It can be dispensed untinted (as nanoFLASH™ lenses), or it can be dyed to provide an even more dramatic appearance (as nanoCHROME™ lenses).