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Vision Dynamics Expands Production Capacity

Louisville, Kentucky, December, 2014 - Vision Dynamics Lab, specializing in glass lens surfacing, performance polycarbonate and premium photochromics has expanded the capacity of its production facility with new equipment and the addition of a second shift. The expansion will help the company meet growing demand across all product lines and improve turn around time.

"We are thrilled with increasing demand for our lab services and products," said John Dippold, President. "Greater than ever interest had begun to stretch delivery times beyond acceptable limits, adding equipment along with a second shift allows us to accommodate this growth," added Dippold.

Vision Dynamics has increased surfacing capacity with 3 additional generators, a new layout blocker and 12 additional cylinder machines. They have increased finishing capacity with 3 new tracers and 4 additional edgers. The facility will now run up to 16 hours per day greatly increasing the number of jobs they are able to process and ship.

"This expansion is proof of our commitment to providing the best service levels possible," commented Mike Yager, VP Sales. "Vision Dynamics will add an array of new products in 2014 and this increased capacity ensures we can meet the needs of our customers," concluded Yager.

Vision Dynamics' lens line is available in an array of materials. Their focus on high-volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures a cost-effective solution for all glass lens needs. Their line of pre-tinted polycarbonate allows for customer color matching upon request and the photochromic line includes grey, brown and extra active.

For more information or to place an order, please visit or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503. Vision Dynamics Laboratory, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and specialized polycarbonate. Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass lens manufacturers and our lens line is further enhanced with the availability of custom photochromics, pre-tinted polycarbonate, infrared and other specialized lens products.