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Q-2100 Users Hit 8 Million Pair Purchased

Louisville, Kentucky, March 2013 - Optical Dynamics, the leader in in-office digital lens production, celebrated a milestone in early 2013 with 8 million pair purchased by their Q-2100™ user family. In the year's since its introduction, Optical Dynamics Q-2100™ Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR™ AR has allowed eye care professionals around the world to be more competitive and profitable.

"This is an exciting achievement for our user family," said Mike Yager, VP Sales. "Eye care professionals are producing and delivering digital quality AR lenses to their customers while significantly cutting their existing lab bills. For most businesses this means thousands of dollars in additional profit every month," added Yager.

"I have cut my lab bill by over 50% with the Q-2100" shares Dr. Kerry Holt. "I can produce lenses that stand out in design and quality while improving my bottom line," concluded Holt.

Optical Dynamics Q-2100 utilizes digitally mastered precision glass molds to create finished Rxs directly from liquid lens material. These reusable glass molds eliminate the semi-finished blank, grinding and polishing. The final prescription delivers pristine optics for improved vision. Lenses are available in premium index materials including clearLIGHT™ PLUS, sunSMART II™, and ultraSUN™ photochromics.

The nanoCLEAR AR system allows the user to apply a variety of custom coatings to their lenses in- office. These include tintable and non-tintable anti-scratch coatings, AR coating and 6 different colored mirror finishes. The process uses nanoparticle infused polymer layers applied in-mold, for repeatable and dependable application, robust mechanical properties and long lasting performance.

"I am extremely impressed with the digital lenses the system produces and so are my patients," explains Dr. David Holliday. "I have sold thousands of AR lenses through my practice and the AR applied with this unit is very durable and easy to clean," added Holliday.

"We look forward to hitting our next milestone," shared Galen Powers, President. "Our ongoing commitment to product development geared towards the ECP will help us reach our goals," Galen concluded.

Optical Dynamics, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC is an innovative research, manufacturing and wholesale lab services company focusing on optical related products that create business solutions for optical professionals. Optical Dynamics maintains an active R&D group with over 150 patents issued since its inception in the lens fabrication, nano AR and monomer categories, making them the leader in in-office and in-lab lens fabrication technology. Their Q-2100R™ & nanoCLEAR AR technology is sold world-wide.