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Vision Dynamics LLC Promotions and Organizational Update

"We are pleased to announce the following promotions within the management team at Vision Dynamics. The team continues to innovate and achieve significant successes including strong increases in our lab customer base, coating equipment development and significant new photochromic manufacturing partnerships abroad. The changes recognize these successes and realign the organization with the team members' specific strengths and goals." Jeff Plank, Board Member
John Dippold has accepted the role of President of Vision Dynamics reporting to the Board of Directors. In this new role, John will have responsibility for all day-to-day operations and execution of business goals. John steps up from his role as VP of Operations and has been in a management role with Vision Dynamics for twelve years. John's previous experience includes eleven years at GE working with advanced manufacturing, operations, and Six Sigma.

Matt Lattis has accepted the position of VP of Product Development. Matt has been a part of Vision Dynamics' research and development team for sixteen years. He is named on thirty-four patents and has played a key role in the development of multiple products and technology innovations.

Galen Powers has accepted the role of Director of Product Strategy and has joined the Vision Dynamics Board. Galen most recently served as President of Vision Dynamics and has been with the company for nineteen years. His new position will allow Galen to focus on Vision Dynamics' longer-term strategies and his outside business interests.

VISION DYNAMICS LLC - Vision Dynamics LLC was founded in 2007 and operates:

Vision Dynamics Laboratory specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and specialized polycarbonate. Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass lens manufacturers and our lens line is further enhanced with the availability of custom photochromics, pre-tinted polycarbonate, infrared and other specialized lens products.

Optical Dynamics is an innovative research and manufacturing company focusing on optical related products that create business solutions for optical professionals. Our Q-2100R™ and nanoCLEAR™ AR systems deliver premium lens products that offer significant performance and cost advantages. We maintain an active R&D group with over 150 patents issued since inception in the lens fabrication, nano AR and monomer categories, making us the leader in in-office and in-lab lens fabrication technology. Our digital lens equipment is sold worldwide.

Vision Dynamics Technology has a twenty-five year history of developing innovative optical products, photochromic materials, durability enhancing coatings, highly engineered nano/polymer films, and novel fabrication techniques. The technology group is highly cross-functional and has relationships with suppliers and lens manufacturers across the globe. Our optical products include clear and photochromic materials, adhesion promoters, coatings, processes, and equipment. This group supports lens manufactures seeking a skilled innovation partner.