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Vision Dynamics Laboratory Named in Top 20 Independent Labs Report

Louisville, Kentucky, October, 2014 - Vision Dynamics Laboratory is pleased to be named a top 20 independent lab in the 2014 Vision Monday Annual Report. Every year Vision Monday compiles data and statistics from labs across the country for use in determining the top 20 participants.

"It's not easy being a wholesale lab in 2014 and the business climate remains challenging, particularly for independent labs," shared Andrew Karp, Group Editor Vision Monday. "Although the number of independent labs has shrunk from a decade ago, the independent lab sector is still growing...and independents have found that positioning their labs as an alternative to supplier-owned labs is an effective business strategy," added Karp.

According to the report, aggregate net sales for the Top 20 Independents were up by 8.2 percent from 2013 while total aggregate Rx sales were up 6.2 percent. The Top 20 collectively produces 29,621 Rx jobs per day in 2014, an increase of 6.9 percent from a year ago.

"We are proud to be named a member of the Top 20 Labs in 2014. Our company is focused on gaining market share in various segments of the optical industry and we are excited to be included among this impressive group of U.S based independent wholesale labs,"said John Dippold, President.

Specializing in glass lens surfacing, performance polycarbonate and premium photochromics, Vision Dynamics' lens line is available in an array of materials. Our focus on high-volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures a cost-effective solution for all glass lens needs. Our line of pre-tinted polycarbonate allows for customer color matching upon request and our photochromic line includes grey, brown and extra active.

For more information or to place an order, please visit or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503. Vision Dynamics Laboratory, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and specialized polycarbonate. Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass lens manufacturers and our lens line is further enhanced with the availability of custom photochromics, pre-tinted polycarbonate, infrared and other specialized lens products.