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Description Item # Qty.
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) (4-Pack) 2M-C-001
Q-Spray (4-Pack) 2M-C-003
Q-Soak (12-Pack) 2M-C-007
clearLIGHT PLUS Monomer (1050 gram/2-Bottles per Case) (pricing will be calculated according to contract) 2M-C-021
sunSMART II GREY Photo Monomer (1120 gram/1-Bottle per Case) (pricing will be calculated according to contract) 2M-C-050
sunSMART Brown II Photo Monomer (1120 gram/1-Bottle per Case)(pricing will be calculated according to contract) 2M-C-080
ultraSUN II sunglass photo (16oz/1-Bottle per Case) (pricing will be calculated according to contract) 2M-C-087
ultraSUN II sunglass photo (32oz/1-Bottle per Case) (pricing will be calculated according to contract) 2M-C-086
XT-R Hardcoat 32 OZ 2M-HC-500
nanoXT Hard Coat Kit (12 syringes) TTAR-07-02
nanoCLEAR AR Rev 5.1 (3 sets of syringes) (pricing will be calculated according to contract) TTAR-07-80
nanoGUARD (6 syringes) TTAR-07-15
Description Item # Qty.
Flash Fill Bottle Adapter (Large) 2M-AS-030
Flash Fill Bottle Adapter (Medium) 2M-AS-031
Kimwipe Tissues (15 Box/Case) 2P-AS-007
Kimwipe Tissues (Individual Box) 2P-AS-008
Mold Scrubber, Disposable, Box of 25 2P-AS-017
Lumocolor Red Pen TTAR-01-005
Mold/Gasket Work Tkts 2P-AS-021
Job Tray--White ( Work Order Tray Q-2100 R) 2P-AS-025
Gloves - Small (Box Size) 2P-AS-041
Gloves - Medium (Box Size) 2P-AS-042
Gloves - Large (Box Size) 2P-AS-043
Filter Plates--Clear (set of 4) Q-2100 2P-AS-045
Filter Plates--Aperture (set of 4) Q-2100 2P-AS-046
Template,Remarking,Asymm Prog 2P-AS-100
Verification Masks,Asymm (Bag of 100) 2P-AS-101
Chart,Layout,Reconstr/Centration,Asymm Prog 2P-AS-102
Chart,Layout,FT28 2P-AS-103
Chart,Layout, Centration, Short Corridor 2P-AS-104
Verification Mask, Short Corridor (Bag of 100) 2P-AS-105
Template, Remarking Short Corridor (RED) 2P-AS-106
Verification Mask, CFL (Quanta - Yellow) 2P-AS-107
Template, Remarking CFL (Quanta) 2P-AS-108
Chart, Layout, Centration Chart, CFL 2P-AS-109
Fill Station Needles 2P-AS-218
Spin Bowl Q2100R 2P-S1-106
Air Filter Q2100R 2P-S1-107
Lamp, Germicidal Voltarc (each) 2P-S1-108
Lamp, Actinic (each) 2P-S1-109
Lamp, Post Cure (each) 2P-S1-116
Mold De-Flashing Tool, Black 3P-AS-038
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (12 3P-AS-039
Rev 5.1 AR Filter & Needle Kit TTAR-02-05
Nano Clear Hardcoat Filter & Needle Kit TTAR-02-03
Cup, suction - white silicone TTAR-03-045
Bowl Liner TTAR TTAR-05-014
O-Ring, Silicon TTAR TTAR-05-016
Blade for Mold Scraper TTAR-05-021
Handle for Mold Scraper TTAR-05-020
Luer Lock Replacement Kit TTAR-03-011
Q-2100 Molds
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