Optical Dynamics has the only technology that allows Eye Care Professionals to take control of their business.

  • Improved Cost Control – Optical Dynamics offers the only technology that can cut your lab related lens and AR expense by 50% to 70% immediately. By using our computerized casting process, you will be able to capture the profitability of the semi-finished lens manufacturing companies, wholesale labs, AR coating facilities and photochromic dye companies. By eliminating these companies from the current distribution channel, your practice becomes much more profitable, your quality increases and your delivery time is unsurpassed.

  • Improved Quality – By casting the lens directly from liquid lens material to the finished Rx, including hard coat or AR, you no longer need to rely on your wholesale lab to make RXs correctly. Our technology eliminates semi-finished inventory, surfacing errors and AR process issues by using our patented in-mold direct to Rx process.

  • Improved Service – Our process allows you to make a complete pair of lenses in as little as 25 minutes. AR lenses in a little over an hour. No more waiting days for the lab to finally delivery their lenses, hoping that everything thing is correct. End the extra 3 to 5 day delay for AR. You can deliver your customers finished eyewear same day by producing them in-house.

The Value Proposition in Action